International Equity Investor seeking viable projects worldwide in :-


Electronics & digital consumer

Software & IT services
Clean technology
Emerging technologies.


Other areas of interest :-


Component manufacturing
Environmental services & waste treatment

Industrial electronics
Industrial services
Instruments & process control

Packaging & containers
Robotics & automation


Projects in Australia, China/Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, India & USA are also welcome.


Minimum Funding Amount : US$5 Million




Generally, a written Business Plan or Feasibility Study should preferably contain the following information :


Historical background of the company

Summary of the industry

Resumes of top management & board members

Market Analysis and growth prospects

Description of existing production facilities and capacities

Analysis of competition

Description of distribution channels and marketing strategy

Historical and projected financial statements


Please submit the following documents/information for your loan application.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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          Project Document Submission


A)  Executive Summary of the Project ( 3-8 pages )


B)  Business Plan / Feasibility Study


C)  Loan Application Form >>> Click for details


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