USA Hollywood, CA  (VaheMansourian-JScr-HN-direct) --- $4,000,000 to $10,000,000 --- film and TV productions and distribution company; principal with 29 years of production and distribution experience;


· Bird's Eye -- $800,000 -- suspense thriller feature film is a universal drama depicting family, social and environmental issues;

· Angel Cry -- $1,400,000 -- road adventure and romantic comedy; talent consideration from Gene Hackman and Meg Ryan

· Urban Instinct – $300,000 per episode -- TV/cable series

· The Spear – epic mystery-action adventure


several major distributors expressed interest to distribute the films after they are shot; included in this package is an income-producing office/studio building to integrate the company into full service production, distribution, animation, post-production and music recording facilities; firm’s website has over 300 hits per day;principal has been involved in over 90 film and TV productions from writing, developing, to producing directing and marketing and has produced several hit title songs, credits include That Feeling, Desert Peach, Memory Circus. Vahe Mansourian, Lucine Entertainment, Inc.


USA Los Angeles, CA (VincentPanettiere-RSchu-KN-direct) --- $3,000,000 to $24,000,000 --- firm established to develop and produce mainstream feature films; firm controls 18 film properties and wants to expand in three stages: $11,000,000 --- firm will co-produce two films, independently produce a third, and acquire half interest in Pinewood Studios of Long Island NY; then $13,000,000 --- firm will produce three commercial feature films


· The Caress -- romantic comedy based on Liam O’Flaherty short story .


· Italian Lessons -- will be co-produced with Broadway and film producer Edgar Lansbury


· Intermezzo --- will be solely produced by firm ($3.0M budget) and directed by actor/director Stewart Moss (Star Trek) with Alec Baldwin


· The Agenda -- $6 million thriller by David Cahill and Nicolas Ellis under director Di Leo (Edgar Allen Poe Award [Equalizer], Emmy nominee [Alfred Hitchcock Presents], directed TV series [episodes of Xena, Babylon 5, Untouchables, Crime Story, Max Headroom]);


· The Furnace -- $3.5 million action thriller under director Susan Emshwiller who wrote Oscar winner Pollock;


· The Big Sizzle -- $3.5 million romantic comedy under director Cameron Spencer;

· Lightning Strikes -- $6 million family film under director Stewart Moss;

· Ricca’s War -- $6 million action film where secret agent battles germ warfare;

· Run Time -- $10 million action film where ex-Navy Seal rescues kidnapped computer mogul;

· Ghost Marshall -- $4 million supernatural western involving ghost of Wild Bill Hickock in multiple-time revenge story;

· The Exile -- $6 million murder thriller involving Miami cop and anti-Castro community;

· Two Minutes -- $3 million thriller involving cat and mouse game with serial killer.  completion bonds through Cinema Completions International; management team includes


1) producer and principal who is former executive with 20th Century Fox (handling over a dozen movies and TV series), CBS and Group W (Westinghouse Broadcasting), Associate Producer of the Mike Douglas Show, and licensed and bonded literary agent representing writers, directors and directors of photography obtaining feature film and episodic directing and writing assignments, book deals, and live play productions; assignments of principal’s client writers and directors include major TV series (Untouchables, Xena, Babylon 5, Highlander, Baywatch, Renegade, California Dreams),


2) line producer David Frost, bonded by Film Finances (features [directed Ring of Steel, produced Stickin’ Together, Jungle Book 2, Dona Barbara, Paradise Lost, Deathstalker], TV [Masked Rider], interactive multimedia [Timemaster, Caesars Palace Gambling, Black Ice], screenplays [Stealth, Ninja Girls]


3) investment banker Karl Biniarz, former Deputy Director of banks in Oman and Kuwait, senior executive with Bank of American and Citibank & head of US subsidiary of top Japanese bank. Vincent Panettiere, Thistle Productions, Inc.


South Africa, Edenvale  (DawieVanVuuren-Bfor-GO-direct) --- $105,000,000 --- South African five-star resort, game ranch, golf course, conference facility located on 9 km of riverfront on Olifants River and bordering Kruger National Park (there is no fence between Kruger National Park and the ranch); site is a four-hour drive from Johannesburg and near both Eastgate and Phalaborwa Airports (26 and 32 km away respectively); game farm forms part of 8,000 hectare game reserve Kapama, which is next to Kruger National Park; firm plans to buy 800 hectares to develop full resort, including 36-hole golf course, clubhouse, 100 cabanas (timeshare), 50 chalets, conference facilities, 5-star hotel with 200 rooms, 50 luxury villas (selling for $1.5- $2.5 million each which firm will sell through Pam Golding International), health spa, tent camp, gym; firm will have hangbridge over the river and a boma on the other side of the river; farm is easily accessible from both directions; Eastgate International Airport runs alongside the reserve (you can be in your room within ten minutes after going through customs); tourists can come from Johannesburg International via transfer on SA Express, SAA, SA Airlink, or Comair; firm in negotiations for special airfares for customers (firm may eventually fly customers in their own planes using their own logo); firm will arrange tours of the surrounding area on elephant back, hot air balloons, safari vehicles, houseboats; firm will offer daytrips to Blyde River Canyon and Potholes and surrounding parks; firm expects 30,000 foreign tourists per month; firm will sponsor research projects for international media coverage; firm's investment will include farm ($11m), vehicles ($5m), building construction ($24m), furniture and fixtures ($12m), golf course ($46m), working capital ($5m); South Africa has a very pleasant climate year-round, even during the winter months, with an average of 24 degrees centigrade, which is warmer than average European summer; much of the management staff has been identified and is committed; principal is co-founder of Spinnclub and consultant to fitness industry, recipient of Top Consultant Award for the Health and Racquet Club Group (largest gym group in the country) for six years in a row, former large scale cotton farmer. Dawie Van Vuuren, Nanoti Game Ranch and Golf Course


London, UK (RobertHeerenveen-NA-JFr-direct) --- $8,000,000 (operational costs) and later $200,000,000 in capital costs for aircraft) --- airline offering alternative hub for flights between South America and Europe, creating a hub in South America instead of in Europe; firm will use Suriname, a country that is halfway in-between Europe and major South American cities. Firm to use one B777-200ER for overseas operations, two B737-700 for regional operations, and one Dash 8-400 for local and regional operations; firm's uniform fleet will save it costs for maintenance and training; firm's aircrafts will be registered in Germany (with its joint venture partner); firm's focus will be 1) international routes (connecting Dusseldorf to Paramaribo, Shanghai, Bangkok, New York; connecting Paramaribo and Toronto), Advisory Board includes US Air Force pilot, Director of Darefsky Alpha.


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