Who Are You ? Who Am I ?

This questions has been puzzling human for centuries including myself. Before we know the answer, we need to do some logical reasoning through comparison between the living and the dead.

Let’s begin to examine what is the difference between a living human and a dead corpse.

Do you realize that when a person just pass away, his/her physical body is exactly the same; nothing is missing or changed.

Both have eyes, ears, mouth, hands and legs; especially a head with the brain intact inside.

Then have you ever wonder why a dead corpse has eyes cannot see, has ears cannot hear, has mouth cannot talk, has hands cannot move, has legs but cannot walk ??? To answer this question, we need to explore / investigate further.

To derive the answer, just compare our physical Human Body with a Robot.

Our human body is make of flesh, bones, blood, etc while a Robot is make of metals, electrical circuits, wires, etc... Metals and other components that made up of a Robot are “dead” material — which means they cannot move by themselves. So too are our flesh, blood and bones that made up our physical body; they are “dead” elements.

But we have seen Robots able to talk, move its hands and walk like human. (see clip below). Why and How is it possible ?



*** Click here for Robot Video ***

Robot can walk and talk like human because there is a Battery or Power Source installed within it which enable it to walk, talk and move its arms like humans. Without this “Battery” or Energy Source, the same Robot cannot talk or walk.

Based on this same analogy, our Human Body also has a “Battery” or Energy Source” within us. And this Energy source is what we all call Spirit or Soul. Without Spirit or Soul within a human body, it is just a dead body like a Robot without a Battery.

So now the answer to the question “ Who You really are” is quite obvious.

The physical human body you are having now is NOT the real YOU; but the Energy Source or Spirit that is within your Human Body is the REAL / TRUE YOU.

Someone ask “Is it the eyes that see or the brain ?

My answer is “It’s neither the eyes nor the brain see !

Then what sees ???